Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Kimono (3 of 5)

Needing no further instruction the girls moved in on his wife. Kneeling on either side of her, they lowered their mouths onto her breasts and licked and sucked her nipples. He could clearly hear the moans as Nicky closed her eyes and let the pleasures overcome her. Her head rested back on his shoulder and she dropped her arms to her side to let the ravishing mouths devour her perky nipples. Simon then reached behind her and picked up the rose scented body oil that they had purchased earlier. Handing it to the girls he leant back against the window and with his hand on Nicky’s shoulders he eased her back against his own chest.
With her eyes still firmly shut she seemed to surrender to the hands on her body. Nina popped open the lid and poured the warm oil all over Nicky’s chest and thighs. With hands all over her she began to moan and rotate her hips, seemingly asking to have her sex touched.

The oil made Nicky’s body feel like silk. The girls could barely hold a breast or thigh before their hands slid off. However Nicky seemed to shine, making her flat stomach and firm breasts seem browner than Simon had ever seen it. From his position all he could reach was his wife’s breasts but that was enough for him, for now. Nina and Chloe and rubbed the oil all over her stomach, hips, and thighs, and were making the kind of sounds that you would expect to hear in an X rated movie. The more Nicky enjoyed the feeling of these hands touching every part of her body, the wider her legs inched apart. It may not have been a conscious happening, but from where he knelt he could clearly see her thighs widening, exposing her sex to these girls. Their hands were stroking her calves and thighs, massaging every muscle in her legs. They seemed to be mimicking each other, waiting for the other to move an inch higher. Nicky’s want for their hands on her sex was almost unbearable and she shuffled her bottom onto the edge of the window seat to let her thighs swing open even wider. Simon moved himself off to her side, allowing her to almost lie back against the cushion on the window behind him. Her head was now waist high to him, and she opened her eyes to watch him gently stroking himself as he watched the girls hands and mouths slide up her legs to her waiting sex.

Nina’s finger was the first to touch Nicky’s sex, gently gliding her index finger up and down, caressing the folds of skin, coaxing out Nicky’s wetness. Then a second finger joined the first, before it too was glistening with her excitement. Her hand moved up to Nicky’s clitoris and her fingers divided, sliding rhythmically up and down either side, gently squeezing her bud between them. Chloe’s hand began to pick up where Nina had left off, sliding her fingers up and down the entrance to her sex. Nicky let herself slide an inch off the ledge trying to impale herself on Chloe’s fingers. Sliding deep inside, Chloe rotated her hand to gently massage her sensitive pad deep within her sex. She moaned aloud and pushed her hips into the air as their hands and fingers violated her sex.

Simon had increased his stroking and was close to orgasm right there on the windowsill, but Nicky had been watching and moved her head along his thigh until it lay in front of his penis. Her soft hand reached up and lowered the tip of his erection towards her mouth, as she extended her tongue and licked the wetness. She once again closed her eyes and slowly slid him into her warm mouth, inch by inch until he was totally submerged in her mouth. He had reached the back of her mouth and he could feel her throat reject him as she pulled an inch away, but her tongue never stopped flicking over the tip of his erection. He looked down at her adoringly, and then down to the girls who were sliding their fingers and tongues in and out of her sex. He leaned down with his hand and pulled the loose flesh of her sex up towards her belly button. This forced out her clitoris, making it stand hard and proud. Nina lowered her mouth to the waiting bud, and softly flicked her tongue, occasionally sliding down and across Chloe’s fingers deep inside Nicky.

He hadn’t finished my fantasy yet, so he decided to move the girls over to the bed in the centre of the room. Simon was the first to move, sliding Nicky off him and propping her back against the cushions against the window. She let the girls continue to play with her, before she looked up and saw him standing by the bed, signaling her to come over. As she stood up her kimono swung open and allowed him to watch her naked oily body as she moved towards him.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Kimono (2 of 5)

Once the door was closed he moved around the girls and over to the window where Nicky sat. He raised one hand to her cheek and kissed her, as if to thank her for what was about to happen. When they opened their eyes again they turned back towards the room and could see that the girls had moved to just a few feet way from them. Simon smiled at them and with a simple nod from him they turned towards each other and embraced. The thought of controlling these girls with as little as a simple nod sent an excited energy through his body, with didn’t leave him until the evening was over.

Chloe began the show by moving her hands up Nina’s body and, holding her face gently, she tilted Nina’s head and pressed her mouth against her soft lips. They held the kiss for a while; clearly enjoying the feel of each other’s softness. She then gently lowered her hands down Nina’s shoulders, sliding the straps of her partners’ top off her shoulders as they made their way down her torso. Nina began to breath loudly, and from behind her cotton curtain emerged her heaving breasts, exposed to the warm air of the room as if on parade before an officer.

In response, Nina raised her hands and rested them on Chloe’s waist as she kissed her. She then lifted her top up over he broad shoulders and head leaving her breasts as naked as her own. You could feel the intensity between them increase as they began to caress each other’s soft fleshy breasts, needing them until the nipples became aroused. Nina then pulled Chloe towards her and wrapped her left leg around her as they embraced. I watched intently as their breasts were pushed together, enclosing their nipples into an endless bed of flesh. Watching this aroused Simon terribly, and he lowered his hand down between his legs and began to stroke his own firming erection. It wasn’t long before he was bursting for sex, and decided to move his attention to his wife.

Nicky had also been watching the girls, and Simon could tell that part of her was enjoying the sight of these beautiful women arousing each other. He slid his hand up from between his legs an under the fold in Nicky’s kimono, pausing for just a moment for her to adjust to the feel of his touch. His hand soon rested on one of her breasts and he could feel her nipple harden at his touch. He then moved himself along the ledge of the windowsill so that he sat directly behind Nicky, which enabled him to watch the girls perform while his hands cupped and kneaded his wife’s breasts.

The girls had by now removed each other’s skirts and knickers and Chloe was holding her breasts to Nina’s waiting mouth. Needing to see his wife’s body he released Nicky’s chest for just a moment to pull open her kimono to expose her nakedness. He could feel her breathing intensify as the feeling of exposure enveloped her. She was sitting there, completely naked in front of these beautiful naked girls, as if on display. He wrapped his arms around her to show his support and whispered in her ear that he loved her. She turned her head to look him in the eyes and gave me a smile that he will never forget. It was a look that he hadn’t seen before, and her face all flushed with embarrassment seemed to glow. She kissed him, and then turned back to their evening’s entertainment. She then called the girls over to them, and with a hand on each of her breasts she raised her chest towards them.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Kimono (1 of 5)

Nicky, and her husband Simon, had spoken on many occasions about each other’s fantasies. Most of them involved just the two of them, but there were a few which were a little more adventurous. They had made a promise to each other that before they were 30 they would each spend one evening fulfilling the others ultimate fantasy. On her 28th birthday he watched as she was given the time of her life, and now it was his turn.

Last summer, the day before his 30th birthday, Nicky sent him from bar to bar to look for the perfect girls they needed for his fantasy. It wasn’t until around midnight that he entered a club in Mayfair, which he had been told had the best looking girls in London. He paid the entrance fee and scouted the club, looking for the perfect girls. After almost an hour sitting by the bar he notice two girls walking in and being given the corner table by the dance floor. Something about the way they simply nodded to the bouncer gave me the impression that they were the type of girls that he was trying to find. He walked up to them in the corner of the bar with his money out so there would be no misunderstanding. They played along and listened as he explained what he wanted them to the following night. Girls like these didn’t come cheap, but he wanted to ensure his fantasy ran like clockwork. He told them the address and bid them goodbye, already looking forward to his night of pleasure. When he left the bar, he almost ran home dying to tell Nicky about the girls he’d had found and try to describe them to her. She seemed to approve of his choice, and we spend most of that night teasing and playing with each other in anticipation of what was to come. Nicky, however, wouldn’t allow to them to orgasm that night, thinking it would heighten their sex drive to a frenzy for the following day. Simon found this hugely frustrating, and lay awake for hours with his erection burning though the sheets, before eventually drifting off into a deep erotic sleep.

The following day went quickly. They managed to accomplish all the shopping they set out to do during the morning, including buying a Nicky a beautiful silk kimono, which she has always wanted to own. It was quite the most beautiful dressing gown Simon had seen, with a lace trim and fitted waist, but with slits down the breasts to allow one access to the breasts beneath. Before long it was mid-afternoon and they were back in our hotel room sipping champagne and admiring the sunset across the park opposite their hotel. The haze from the city smoke gave the appearance of a beautiful red sunset, which lit up the room with its warm familiar glow. It was then that they heard a knock on the door and the evening began.

He looked at his wife and smiled as he crossed the room in a matter of seconds to open the door to let in the girls.

Chloe and Nina were in their mid twenties and had striking looks with long wavy black hair falling over their shoulders and down their curvacious backs. They both wore flimsy cotton plunging tops, under which lay their large full breasts, which held the cotton away from their flat stomachs. From under their short pleated skirts you could see their shapely legs running down to their ankle strap shoes. They could have been twins had they not had strikingly different colored eyes; one with sky blue; the other leaf green. They stood there at the doorway smiling innocently. Simon was transfixed!

He stepped aside and the girls moved quickly in from the hallway to the warmly lit room. Simon turned slowly and watched the clothing slide across their bodies as they glided passed him. Their bottoms were both plump, yet they seemed firm. The back of their skirts swung against the backs of their legs, and as they swung I could easily see the smooth ridge of their soft bottoms. He had always enjoyed Nicky’s backside, touching and stroking her soft skin at every occasion. Simon began to feel himself harden at the thought of playing with these two fresh bottoms.

Nicky was sitting in the bay window wearing her new silk kimono tied around the waist by its belt. She had only just emerged from the bathroom, having spent the past hour pampering herself with oils and perfumes after their day of shopping. She knew that this evening was going to be one that Simon wouldn’t forget and she so she put every effort to pleasure him. She had even curled her hair so it seemed to snake its way down her back, just how he liked it. The red of the kimono accentuated her white blonde hair as it lay to one side, with her legs crossed to the other. The kimono had slid open over her thigh, exposing her trim legs with sun kissed skin running from her feet all the way up to her hip. Her chest was even more voluptuous than the girls, and you could clearly see her nipples standing proud under the soft silk of the Kimono. Her eyes, encircled with dark eyeliner, almost drew you into her light blue iris, seemingly an entrance to her wonderful mind. She looked up and smiled at the girls as the door closed behind them and they walked across the room towards her. Nicky looked more exotic and erotic than Simon had ever seen her; perfect for his evening of pleasure.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Birthday surprise (6 of 6)

Dan slid his hands from my tender bottom up my back to my shoulders and gently raised them, forcing me up onto my knees. The girl must have slid off the sofa before I knew it she was there on her knees before me, pressing her breasts against mine. Our soft naked bodies seemed to glide off each other as she ran her tongue across my chest, up my neck, and across my chin to my mouth. We pressed our lips together and I could feel her smiling as her tongue softly touched mine. She whispered ‘thank you’ to me before Dan continued to pull my shoulders further back, encouraging me to lie on my back. As I lay there, with my knees up in the air I felt the warmth of the girls mouth back between my legs. Her tongue gently caressed my swollen sex, and ran itself from my bottom to my clitoris, licking my husbands juices from my soft skin. She cleaned me for almost ten minutes, occasionally sliding her tongue inside me to search for more.

Dan had laid next me and had moved his head to my chest. His hands slid up to my head and he gently untied the blindfold. As it dropped to the side I was able to see for the first time since the bathroom. The room was devoid of light, other than the flickering glow from the fireplace. I could see the shadows of furniture dancing on the walls as the flames jumped around the fireplace. Dan was kissing my chest, and with one hand he began to role my left nipple between his fingers while his mouth sucked and pulled the other. I managed to look down passed him to see the long blonde hair of the girl between my legs. Her hair had fallen across my stomach and her head was buried onto my sex as she continued to lick me. Raised behind her was the tight bottom I had just tasted, that curved into her hourglass shaped waist.

I was close now to another orgasm. Just looking down at her between my legs stirred something inside me. She looked beautiful from where I lay and although I have never been attracted to girls, there was something very erotic about looking down on one with her head between my legs. She could sense that I was close and she began to increase the attention on my clitoris. Firmly pushing her tongue up and over it, lapping at my pink swollen bud.

Dan was now kissing me, and we let our tongues dance around each other’s. There was still a soft tenderness in his kiss, despite our erotic surroundings. Feeling his mouth on mine was all I needed to take me over the edge. I could feel a tongue in my mouth, and one in my sex and within seconds I was thrusting my hips up as I surrendered to another orgasm. I threw back my head and arms as the girl’s mouth rode my bucking hips. This one wasn’t as big as the first, but by now all of my skin was burning with pleasure. My head felt fuzzy as I closed my eyes and relaxed my exhausted body. The girl moved my ankles so that my legs lay flat on the floor and she slid herself up my side and lay next to me. Dan pulled the cashmere throw out from under the sofa and gently threw it over us, before climbing under himself.

No one said a word as we all drifted off to sleep. Dan had outdone himself that year. It was a birthday I would never forget.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Birthday surprise (5 of 6)

I had managed to shuffle my weight onto one elbow to allow my left arm to stroke the girl’s thigh and stomach. I then moved my mouth away from her and began to slide my fingers across her sex and to roll them over her protruding clitoris. The index finger on each of her hands moved over to mine and began to play with herself, concentrating on her own clitoris. I then slid two, then three fingers inside her, which caused her to moan aloud once more. I paused every now and then look behind me, although unable to see I wanted my husband to see the wetness from another girl on my face. He was beginning to moan now, as the tightness of my bottom clenched on his sex. I knew he was only moments from an orgasm, but I wanted the girl there as well. I withdrew my wet fingers from her and rubbed them against her bottom, and then lowered my tongue to lick it too. I felt her raise her waist to allow me better access as I pushed my wedding finger and then little finger passed her entrance and into her tight bottom. I could feel my fingers being squashed together as she clenched her muscles, and I enjoyed the sounds she made as I began to roll them around inside her. I then pushed my middle and index fingers into her sex, and through the thin wall between her sex and her bottom I could feel my fingers squirming inside her.

Dan had reached his limit and announced that he had to cum. He continued to push inside my bottom until his sperm was about to come into me. He quickly pulled out to allow his juices to land all over my sex. He glided himself up and down my opening, rubbing his wetness all over me.

The girl was next, almost sliding down off the sofa she pleaded to have the fingers deeper inside her. I increased the speed of my finger movements, the way she had done me, and I lowered my mouth onto her clitoris and sucked it harder and harder until she moaned and almost screamed as her orgasm overwhelmed her. Bucking her hips into my face she slid her hands up to her breasts and pulled and kneaded her nipples as wave after wave of pleasure encircled her soft body. I licked and kissed her sex until every last drop of her wetness had been tasted. I had enjoyed that more than any blowjob I had ever given my husband.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Birthday surprise (4 of 6)

I could hear the shuffling around, and then I felt skin press up against the back of my thighs. I didn’t know if it was my husbands or our stranger, but before I could dwell on it I felt a penis press up against me. I whimpered with excitement as it began to slide into my sex, but only an inch before being withdrawn and then slowly inserted again. My clitoris was still tender but the feeling of a man inside me was wonderful. I began to push back against him, wanting him to fill me the way the hand had done just moments ago. Before long I felt the sofa move as someone sat in front of me. Although I couldn’t see them I looked up and smiled. I assumed they wanted me to kiss their sex too. As Dan continued to slide himself into me, I leant forward with anticipation ready to take in the stranger’s sex. I was excited to taste another mans penis, having only ever tasted my husbands before. I lowered myself until I my lips touched the inner thigh of our new friend. It was a smooth thigh, devoid of hair. My mouth was hungry to return the orgasm they had so generously given me moments ago. I kissed and licked the soft skin, higher and higher up the thigh waiting to feel the hard erect sex any moment now.

Dan continued to pump into me, as he leant forward and gathered my hair into a ponytail and maneuvered the blindfold to ensure the hair stayed put. I assumed he wanted to watch my mouth being lowered over our friends penis, and so I tilted my head just enough to allow him the perfect view. It was then that things became a lot more surprising for me.

As my mouth arrived at our stranger’s groin it was not a hard penis or a soft bag holding his testicles, but instead a hairless sex of a girl. I held my mouth just centimeters away as I realized that all evening I had assumed it was a man touching me, and licking me to an orgasm, but all this time it was a girl. The softness of the touch, the complete understanding of my sex, and the ability to make me orgasm in just a few minutes all became obvious now. It had been a girl’s mouth on me, and a girls knowing fingers deep inside and now it was my turn to return the favour. I thought to myself, that’s why Dan had moved my hair back. He wanted to watch me pleasure another woman.

I felt a hand sliding down over the girl’s sex and begin to gently rub her clitoris. I didn’t want to upset anyone and so I slid out my tongue just enough to touch the soft, wet lips of her sex. She moaned aloud, which was the first time I have heard a sound out of her. Again I stroked my tongue across her lips, and again she moaned. It was clear that this girl was on the edge of an orgasm and that encouraged me to continue. I began to push my tongue a centimeter or two inside her sex as it slid up and down her entrance. She had dropped her other hand down to my mouth too, and then with a hand on either side of her sex she gently pulled the loose skin up towards her. This accentuated her sex, and forced her clitoris to pop out of its hood so that I could flick my tongue around it too.
She began to buck her hips towards my mouth, wanting more and more of my affection.

Dan had slowed his vigorous pounding behind me, which usually meant he was close to an orgasm himself. However, he wasn’t content in my sex and he slowly withdrew his himself from my sex and I felt him pressing it against my exposed bottom. I could feel my own wetness on his sex, helping him to slide very gently inside me. Once I had allowed an inch of him into me, he stopped pushing to allow my muscles to get accustomed to the violation. Then another inch, and another, until he had slowly and gently inched his entire cock in to my bottom.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Birthday surprise (3 of 6)

There was no argument from either of them. I felt the mouth pull away from me and Dan released my arms back to my sides. He then instructed me to move a few paces forward and kneel on the sheepskin rug. Although I was still blindfolded I new my way around my house and after taking a few paces towards the sofa I dropped to my knees on the soft, thick rug. I felt his hand slide up my back and gently push me down onto my hands, to complete the doggy position. I could feel his hands behind me, touching and stroking my bottom and back. As he moved up my body towards the sofa I felt a second pair of hands touching my bottom, sliding down the inside of my thighs to the carpet, and then up the inside the other leg. I gently eased my legs open to expose my sex to the unknown hands, while my husband positioned himself on the sofa just inches in front of me. I could hear the soft movement of his hand sliding up and down his penis before me, and I leant forward just enough to place my mouth over the tip. The wetness had already covered the top of his cock and I moved my tongue around and around it, spreading his wetness all over it. I began to lower my tongue down the neck of his cock, feeling the veins though the thin skin. He was as hard as I had ever known him, and I could feel his hand at the base gently pulling and pushing this tensed muscle. Once I was satisfied that my tongue had run over every part of his sex I raised myself up to the tip again and gently lowered my mouth over it. The further in it went, the wider my mouth was forced. Dan let out a loud groan as he leant back against the sofa and let his wife devour him. Once most of the way in, I raised myself up and then down again, gradually gaining momentum.

All the while the hands behind me were playing with me, sliding up and down the entrance to my sex, running my wetness over the fingers and gently sliding them inside me. Once inside they would then be withdrawn and slide up between my cheeks to my bottom, and gently pressed against that entrance. Each time I tensed, expecting them to be inserted there too. Then back down to my sex, and back inside me. They had been stroking my bottom with their other hand, and when the fingers were on their way out of my sex the hand would pull apart one of my cheeks to expose my bottom to the fingers. They had already been gently rubbing my clitoris, but they seem to know that I wanted something inside me now. Soon another finger was introduced, just at the right time. And once my inner muscles had relaxed enough, another finger. I was becoming so full. When I felt a yearning for my clitoris to be touched the hands would move there. I was totally in tune with this person, and I never wanted them to stop. As their fingers slid deep into my sex I felt their tongue again on my body, but this time pressed up against my bottom. As it fluttered around the entrance I pushed back, hoping to force it, and the fingers, even deeper inside. I was beginning to feel those waves coming, with my muscles twitching in anticipation. The fingers sped up their rhythm and I began to moan out loud as I tensed my hips to prepare for the oncoming orgasm. Occasionally lowering my head and attentions back onto Dan’s penis, I panted, but the distraction behind me was too great. I raised myself up off his sex and let the moment take me. Pushing harder and harder back against the fingers and tongue I came wildly, not even attempting to conceal the gasps of my orgasm. As the waves began to fade the hand began to slow down, understanding my tenderness. They withdrew fully and rubbed themselves over my bottom, massaging in my wetness as they moved across my smooth skin.

My head hung down, unable to see any light, I enjoyed the embers of my orgasm. Dan stood up from the sofa and left me there, waiting for my next instruction.

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